Backyard Revolution Review : All You Need To Know

Energy consumption is a buzzing topic in households and corporate sectors across the US. The energy crisis that plunged over 5 million people into frightening darkness made US citizens question the reliability of power systems. 

While renewable energies are a burgeoning innovation, their significance is more pronounced an undeniable necessity in today’s socio-political climate. The rising costs of energy consumption and increasing focus on environmentally-friendly resources propel a dramatic shift towards renewable energy. 

 Homeowners and business owners are rising to demand more efficient, reliable, and affordable energy alternatives. The discourse on clean and green energy is growing stronger as climate change’s harsh realities disrupt our lives and communities. 

But how can you convert to clean and green energy in a community surrounded by old buildings and outdated power grids? Not all neighborhoods and housing communities are suitable for renewable energy consumption. That was until a 42-year man named Zack Benett offered us an alternative. 

Benett’s creation, Backyard Revolution, is a device that produces renewable electricity and reduces electricity costs by 65%. We’re not hesitant to admit our skepticism while first exploring this device, but research introduced us to some compelling advantages. 

Backyard Revolution: How Does It Work? 

backyard revolution

Backyard Revolution is a program that will teach you how to reduce electricity consumption and costs affordably. Simply put, it’s a comprehensive guide on constructing a solar panel for your home. We like how it’s an ingenious creation invented by a homeowner with the sole purpose of efficiency and affordability. 

It’s not a consumer product built with the intention of mass production. It’s a formula or a DIY solution that worked for one homeowner and won over applause from others facing similar challenges. The product will help you generate your electricity. 

It will walk you through a detailed guide on constructing a solar panel. The guide is interactive and informative, and the instructions are pretty straightforward. Surprisingly, one doesn’t need specialized expertise or engineering skills to generate one’s own electricity. 

The manufacturer, Mr. Bennett, claims that the solar panel will help reduce electricity costs by 65% in the first month. We certainly thought this claim was worth investigating! 

Benefits of Backyard Revolution 

Here’s a brief overview of the benefits before we dive into more detail: 

  • Building the solar panel doesn’t require any specialized skills or training. 
  • It’s a cost-effective solution that most homeowners can comfortably afford. 
  • It offers guaranteed results to reduce electricity costs (claim also upheld by other customers). 
  • It allows you to generate clean electricity from sustainable resources (sunlight). 
  • It’s a practical solution that works for properties, such as houses, condos, apartments, or cabins. 

We were pretty impressed to learn about the practicalities of this renewable energy solution. It allows you to rely on both renewable energy and your property’s electricity system. It offers a more reliable alternative where you can use both electricity sources to eliminate the possibility of a blackout. 

If you manage to assemble the solar panel with Bennett’s concept, you can save thousands of dollars. It will reduce your spending and your consumption considerably. 

Check out the Backyard Revolution video course on how to make a sustainable solar panel at home!

No Technical Know-How Required 

Homeowners who have used Backyard Revolution affirm that the program offers an easy-to-follow structure. It doesn’t require any technical know-how to construct a functional solar panel that will reduce your consumption and costs. And what’s more, the results are visible within the first month. 

We discovered that this solution has won over both millennials and older adults with its functionality. The device is straightforward to assemble, and surprisingly, it doesn’t require days of mind-boggling labor. You can construct it within a few hours of elbow grease and focused cerebral effort. 

Think of it as a fun project. Even Zack Bennett encourages everyone to indulge their children in the process, much like an exciting science experiment. Backyard Revolution offers a versatile solution that is suitable for anyone who desires an affordable alternative. This product is definitely worth your while. 

Does this Program Actually Work? 

Backyard revolution review

It does. We dived into its technicalities ourselves, alongside exploring the experiences other homeowners had with Backyard Revolution. We firmly believe Backyard Revolution is a cost-effective concept to end your reliance on unreliable and costly electricity suppliers. 

Electricity is one of the most expensive commodities that define our life quality. And given the scarcity of resources and the rise of inflation, electricity costs are likely to rise alarmingly. Unless you can find an alternative to create your own sustainable energy, brace yourself for power outages and rising prices. 

Technicalities, Reviews & Consumer Ratings 

Homeowners who’ve invested in Backyard Revolution firmly regard it as a great alternative. However, the effectiveness of this alternative depends entirely on your ability to construct it. Zack Bennett, the creator, is a carpenter, and most people who benefitted from this product are savvy with tools. 

So, before you invest in this program, ask yourself: Can I follow instructions and create a functional solar panel? The instructions are very comprehensive, described in layman’s terms, and the construction process isn’t the least bit intimidating. 

Technical Specifications 

You can understand the technical features of this product only when you get down to using it. We couldn’t learn much about the technicalities based on customer reviews. So, we had to try it out for ourselves, and our discoveries reaffirmed our faith in its utility. 

It’s a simplistic and minimalist system grounded in using solar panels and sunlight to generate renewable electricity. The device is pretty straightforward, and amazingly, it doesn’t require any maintenance or specialized equipment. 

It’s a simple process: construct the panels, connect them and enjoy clean electricity! 

Check out the Backyard Revolution video course on how to make a sustainable solar panel at home!

Constructing & Installing the Solar Panels 

backyard revolution review

The crux of this concept lies in the construction and installation of solar panels. Zack Bennett has offered a low-maintenance solution that comes with zero costs. However, it requires tactfulness and handymen expertise. 

You have to create and install several 3D structure panels. The guide will explain the effortless process of creating several overlapping panels. The number of panels you make depends on the size of your property and energy consumption needs. 

Zack Bennett recommends creating a series of overlapping solar panels to double the energy supply and enjoy greater efficiency. The overlapping layers are constructed and installed to expose them to the direct glare of the sun. 

Are the Instructions Easy to Follow? 

We’ve applauded the comprehensiveness of the instructions throughout the review, and yet, we feel the need to reiterate. The instructions are straightforward to follow. The construction and installation process doesn’t require any kind of expertise or specialized knowledge. 

However, if you’re comfortable working with basic tools, then it’s best you enlist the help of an experienced friend. We discussed our experience with other Backyard Revolution customers, and they agreed that the process is simple. Many enlisted the help of their family and friends. 

The program comes with highly detailed instructions. You can watch the detailed video tutorial and use the PDF as a guide while constructing the panels. We relied entirely on the video tutorial and followed the instructions step-by-step. 

The product also comes with insightful reports on safety guidelines, electricity consumption tricks, and other resources.

Pros and Cons of Backyard Revolution 

It’s wise to investigate the pros and cons of the product before you bring it home. Based on our experience and research, we believe that your skills and expertise are instrumental in benefiting from this product. 

It’s a resource that will only help you if you make good use of it! 


  • Easy to assemble and install 
  • It doesn’t require specialized equipment or training
  • A low-cost and low-maintenance alternative
  • Potential to reduce electricity costs by 65%
  • Ideal solution for multiple properties 


  • It relies on the buyers’ ability to construct and follow instructions 
  • Not suitable for people who are uncomfortable using tools 
  • Not ideal for climates with fewer sunny days 

Since it’s a renewable energy source, Backyard Revolution doesn’t have many disadvantages. Buyers don’t have much to lose by trying out this ingenious invention to reduce their electricity costs. It does not give birth to any safety hazards. It will not disrupt the cosmetic and structural integrity of your property. 

On the other hand, its advantages are abundant. It will work wonders at reducing your energy costs and ensure your family never has to experience blackouts. You can save thousands of dollars a year and improve your life quality in a myriad of ways. 

Check out the Backyard Revolution video course on how to make a sustainable solar panel at home!

How Was Our Experience? 

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Starting from the moment, we ordered the product for installation and electricity generation; our experience was very uncomplicated and convenient. We received the program without delay, and it came with a video tutorial and a PDF guide. 

The instructions were very straightforward, and even children joined in to help adults with this crazy science experiment. Surprisingly, the solar panel was relatively easy to put together. Within a few minutes, we connected it with the primary power circuit and switched to renewable energy. 

In a matter of hours and a little elbow grease, our property was generating sustainable energy. In the past, we’ve pondered over embracing solar panels, but the enormous expense always deterred us. This is primarily why we were so keen on trying out this product, and it turned out wonderfully. 

We were concerned about the safety risks and hazards of constructing such a sophisticated product at home. However, our fears were put to rest within a few days of using a panel we assembled ourselves. It was oddly satisfying, and amazingly, other customers shared similar experiences in their reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you’re left with questions even after this comprehensive review, you’re not alone. Below we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Backyard Revolution.

How can I order Backyard Revolution? 

The ordering process is very convenient. While you can order it from several platforms, it’s wise to get it directly from the manufacturer’s website. You will have to fill out a form with your contact information, choose a payment method and prepare to get started. 

The website offers multiple payment methods, such as credit cards and Paypal. Rest assured, the process is very secure, and the manufacturer guarantees buyer protection. You will promptly receive an email containing a link to the video tutorial and a PDF guide. 

What does Backyard Revolution contain? 

Backyard Revolution comes with the following items: 

  • A link to the video tutorial 
  • A PDF guide carrying all the instructions 
  • A list of all the accessories and materials required
  • Informative resources and guides including “How to protect your homestead in case of an EMP”, How to build your energy stockpile”, and “Alternative electric sources for your homestead”.

Are there any ongoing discounts on Backyard Revolution?

Luckily, when we were shopping for Backyard Revolution, we came across a limited-time offer. It reduced the price considerably. Normally, the product is available at a fixed price on the manufacturer’s website. If you’re looking for a discount, we advise subscribing to the manufacturer’s email newsletter. 

There are occasional discounts and special offers that you can enjoy. But it would help if you kept a close eye on the website and newsletter offers. The cost isn’t very enormous, should you decide to give it a try. 

Besides, the solar panel’s utility will overshadow the cost in the very first month of installation. 

Check out the Backyard Revolution video course on how to make a sustainable solar panel at home!

Who is the creator of Backyard Revolution? 

backyard revolution review

Zack Bennett, a 42-year carpenter, loving husband, and doting father, is the Backyard Revolution’s creator. Bennett has a very relatable and inspiring story. Millions across the United States can relate to his struggles and solutions. 

Based in Orlando, Zack was overwhelmed by power outages, rising electricity costs, and unreliable providers. He wanted to give his family a reliable and affordable electricity system, and he succeeded splendidly. 

With Backyard Revolution, Zack has created a remarkable renewable energy alternative that is safe, functional, and cost-efficient. 

Why should you invest in Backyard Revolution? 

The costs of electricity consumption are rising dramatically, prompting homeowners to seek sustainable and affordable alternatives. 

You should invest in Backyard Revolution for the following reasons: 

  • To reduce your electricity consumption and expenses
  • To embrace a reliable electricity source
  • To reduce your overall carbon footprint 
  • To make your property eco-friendly and sustainable 

How much will it cost to construct the solar panels? 

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You won’t have to spend much money, aside from the cost of the product itself. There’s a shopping list of all the items and parts you will need to assemble the solar panels. All the parts and products are commonplace and readily available at local hardware and home improvement stores. 

Rest assured, you won’t have to spend a ton of money on constructing and implementing this solution. What’s more, Mr. Bennett claims that you will recover all the costs within three months of using these panels. It will start reducing your electricity bills the moment it’s connected to the primary power supply. 

How much electricity can you save with Backyard Revolution? 

The manufacturer claims that you can reduce your electricity consumption by a whopping 65% during the first month. You likely will reduce it further in the months that follow. While customers haven’t shared exact figures, they have agreed that the electricity consumption reductions are dramatic. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Backyard Revolution comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Mr. Bennett is willing to return all your money if you are dissatisfied with the electricity-saving and cost reduction benefits. 

This will give you ample time to construct the 3D solar panels, install them and examine their benefits. If you realize that the panels haven’t made much difference to your life, you can return them. You can write a report to the supplier, explaining your problem and get a full refund. It’s really that simple!

Final Thoughts

In 2021, homeowners are more conscious and aware of their impact on the environment. They are actively embracing environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions. However, green energy comes at an enormous expense. 

With Backyard Revolution, you can embrace a cost-effective alternative to sustainable and renewable energy. It’s a low-maintenance solution that doesn’t demand a huge commitment. You can rely on both renewable energy and your property’s electricity grid. 

The reliance on suppliers has created a vicious cycle of rising costs and unreliable supply. Backyard Revolution offers an opportunity to break free of this vicious cycle and control your energy consumption. 

However, we encourage you to try this program for yourself. If you’re comfortable doing odd jobs around your home, this project will be a breezy walk in the park. If your property attracts ample sunlight, this solution will work wonders at reducing costs and consumption. It’s very reliable! 

Check out the Backyard Revolution video course on how to make a sustainable solar panel at home!

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