Real Life Benefits of a Greenhouse Garden at School

merits of a greenhouse garden at school

A Greenhouse at School? Schools blossoming with greenhouse gardens offer students invaluable hands-on experiences that deepen their understanding of biology and ecology. These gardens foster environmental awareness and provide practical gardening skills. Setting up a greenhouse involves careful site selection, detailed planning, climate considerations, and budgeting through grants or fundraising. Schools often see increased student … Read more

6 Greenhouse Flooring Solutions You Can Implement

Greenhouse flooring solutions

For your greenhouse, consider practical and aesthetic flooring options. Water-permeable surfaces like peastone or trap rock handle excess water well. Bricks and patio blocks add a pleasing look, while flagstone offers durability and uniformity. Concrete is robust and watertight, making it a strong choice. Wooden floors resist decay and provide a natural appearance. Start by … Read more

How To Build A Solar Powered Greenhouse

How to build a solar powered greenhouse

The first quarter of 2021 has flown by but, there’s still more than enough time to makeyour resolutions come true. If your goals include living a more sustainable andenvironmentally responsible life and eating healthy, you can knock out two birds with onestone by creating a beautiful garden. It’s an ideal way for you to have … Read more

Best Soil For Greenhouse Beds

how to select best soil for greenhouse beds

A greenhouse can help you grow plants out of season, or even plants that would not ordinarily grow in the weather conditions at the location of the greenhouse. It does this by retaining heat inside it, thus allowing plants that grow in hotter climates or weather conditions to continue thriving. One of the most important … Read more

Do Vegetables Grow Better in a Greenhouse?

do vegetables grow better in greenhouse

A greenhouse can be of great use serving as a  very innovative method for gardening, especially in conditions where seasonality plays a limiting role. Popular as a commercial growing method till a few years ago, in recent times there has been a lot of interest in greenhouse gardening with home gardeners and hobbyists. Now the … Read more

Growing Flowers in a Greenhouse for Profit

growing flowers in a greenhouse for profit

Thinking of turning your flower growing hobby into a profitable business? Well, if so, then growing flowers in a greenhouse for profit may be the most sustainable way of making money from flowers! That being said, why choose greenhouse growing over traditional garden growing? Why Grow Flowers In A Greenhouse? If you are thinking that … Read more