Do Greenhouses Need Ventilation?

Do greenhouses need ventilation

As you are aware, a greenhouse is used to grow plants and vegetables throughout the year with the help of temperature regulation. It is mostly a closed structure, and hence greenhouses do need ventilation, irrespective of the time of year, to maintain optimal conditions for the plants growing in them. Why do greenhouses need ventilation? … Read more

Best Soil For Greenhouse Beds

how to select best soil for greenhouse beds

A greenhouse can help you grow plants out of season, or even plants that would not ordinarily grow in the weather conditions at the location of the greenhouse. It does this by retaining heat inside it, thus allowing plants that grow in hotter climates or weather conditions to continue thriving. One of the most important … Read more

Can You Use Double Glazing For Greenhouse?

greenhouse double glazing

Glazing is important for a greenhouse as it helps to retain heat – the main principle of growing inside a greenhouse – and also helps allow sufficient light to pass through for photosynethesis and photomorphogensis. Greenhouses use different materials for glazing and some of them have double glazing. Now if you’re wondering whether double glazing … Read more

Can Plants Freeze in a Greenhouse in Winter?

Can plants freeze in winter

When you think of a greenhouse garden, what kind of images come to your mind? Probably lush green plants and sweet-smelling flowers? Or a lot of sunlight and heat trapped within? Although these visual scenes of a greenhouse garden are more likely to be seen in summer or spring, you can grow your fair share … Read more

How To Heat A Greenhouse With Solar Panels

A greenhouse can be a great environment for plants to grow in, where you have full control over the growing conditions and hence can grow plants and vegetables throughout the year. In the winter months, when the temperatures dip to very low levels, heating the greenhouse to maintain ideal growing conditions becomes imperative. One effective … Read more

Are Paraffin Heaters Safe to Use?

*In layman terms, paraffin and kerosene are considered the same with a few subtle differences, for example, kerosene has a stronger odor as compared to paraffin. However, their heat properties and mode of heating are the same. In this article, we have considered paraffin and kerosene to be the same as the answer to this … Read more

How to Cool a Greenhouse Without Electricity

Growing exotic plants can be really thrilling. Whether you’re a commercial producer of flowers, fruits or vegetables, or just a hobbyist gardener, you’ll always want to get the maximum yield. Plants like azalea, daisy, calendula, radish, primrose and sweet pea all require slightly cool temperatures at night to grow the best. This means that you … Read more

Do Vegetables Grow Better in a Greenhouse?

do vegetables grow better in greenhouse

A greenhouse can be of great use serving as a  very innovative method for gardening, especially in conditions where seasonality plays a limiting role. Popular as a commercial growing method till a few years ago, in recent times there has been a lot of interest in greenhouse gardening with home gardeners and hobbyists. Now the … Read more

Growing Flowers in a Greenhouse for Profit

growing flowers in a greenhouse for profit

Thinking of turning your flower growing hobby into a profitable business? Well, if so, then growing flowers in a greenhouse for profit may be the most sustainable way of making money from flowers! That being said, why choose greenhouse growing over traditional garden growing? Why Grow Flowers In A Greenhouse? If you are thinking that … Read more